I am greatly influenced by the Wabi Sabi aesthetic.  Simply defined it is a Zen sensibility which extols the beauty of the impermanence and imperfection of nature.  Much of my explorations involving this sensibility lie in the creation of chawan and cups.

Chawan, or tea bowls, are an integral part of the Japanese tea ceremony.  Chawan create an environment which engages the participant on many levels.  It is constructed to be visually pleasing to the eyes which behold its form and color, and sensuous to the hand that holds it and the lips that sip from it.  Winter bowls are thick and stocky to maintain heat while summer bowls are wide and thin to facilitate cooling.

My little cups can hold sake if one is Japanese, or Limoncello if one is Italian, or any type of cordial desired.  Like their bold decoration and design, their contents should pack a punch.