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Review of the Terra Show at the New Jersey Arts Incubator

Nomadic Museum to camp on pier for three months

The Nomadic Museum was the last project I worked on in my life as a construction consultant. It was a really cool project.

A Broken Plaque Sparks an Artist's Calling

An article about my faith based work.

Jerseyans revved on electric cars

Sluggo is my electric car. He is from Canada. He can go 25 miles on a single charge at his maximum speed of 25mph. Everyone loves Sluggo. Enjoy the video about him too:

Driving Zenn

Thomas Edison's invention factory in West Orange is set to reopen

I spent about 60 hours cleaning the stuffed bald eagle which hangs in Thomas Edison's library. I nicknamed him Teddy after Theodore Roosevelt, the founder of the National Park Service. Teddy was acquired by Mr. Edison for the 1898 Paris Exhibition and hadn't been cleaned since. Make sure to click on the video at the very end of the article.
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