Petey Pie was rescued by Rawhide Rescue. He was found wandering alone in the woods in Warren County, NJ. He was not leash trained or house broken and about 1 year old. The rescue said that many times the hunters run their young dogs in late fall and if they don't come back they don't look for them as they wouldn't make good hunters, and they wouldn't have to feed them through winter. Petey had a mind of his own, he was ferocious, an eating machine, a very skilled hunter and took it upon himself to ensure the property was secure from predators be they animal, human or vehicle. He was our most difficult dog and we spent hours and hours at St Hubert's training school, mainly in the time out closet. He was fierce and loyal. He suffered mightily of cancer and died at home. He tried to die under a bush in the snow. We hear that was to protect his pack. We carried him in the house and were with him to the very end. He lived and died his way.