Riley was rescued from under a porch in Rileyville, Pennsylvania when he was a tiny kitten by my business partner. He heard his plaintive cry from under the porch. I took him home to New Jersey on the PATH train in a little carrier, I was so happy I stopped total strangers on the street and held up the carrier to show them my new kitten. Riley never lost that plaintive cry, he was a talker. He loved being outside, especially in the rain and mastered the doggie door at once. He had a little pink fuzzy ball and loved to play fetch with it. He flew in cargo with the dog to Colorado and back twice. He died when he was 18, he was the pet we had the longest. On his last day he went outside, came in and ate his breakfast, sat in the sun, then got up, cried a few times. We wrapped him in a towel and he died in my arms on the way to the vet about ten minutes later.