Llewellyn Park will always be my home base no matter where I end up in the world.  It is my heaven on Earth.  It is the first planned residential community in the United States, founded by Llewellyn Haskell in 1857 as a haven for the era's movers and shakers to unwind from their work lives.  Designed in the romantic landscaping style of its day by Alexander Jackson Davis, it has meandering roads, lush vegetation and common open space.  Whenever I pass through its gates I breathe a sigh of relief and all the world's worries melt off my shoulders.  It became a bit of a monastery during the pandemic:  a place to pray, do yoga, tend to animals, grow food, bake bread, make liqueur, wear hoodies and make art.  The soil is rich and dense, clay like.  Brownstone was quarried to create a part of our open space and it was used to build St. John's Church in Orange, NJ.  The pieces in this series, though physically taxing to create the clay, were a joy to make.  I hope I was able to freeze a moment of summer within them.