A hope for everyone, everywhere when searching for a home is to have nice neighbors.  Being surrounded by warm and friendly people with whom to experience daily life, celebrate milestone, watch each other's children grow, comfort each other in times of crisis or mourning and help each other as we each take turns being in need. 

The tokens within this sculpture represent my love and gratitude for all the nice neighbors in my life both past and present.  There are scores more, the sculpture would be bursting if I listed them all so I will just carry them in my heart:

Susan & Alan Bennett

Jane & Bern Wallerstein

Bill & Melinda Gates:  Providing funding to
eradicate diseases worldwide

Mary Suzanne Karen & Julie in my kitchen during
Grandma's funeral

Residents of Llewellyn Park West Orange, NJ

Rita Dimatteo & Steve Adamcyzk

167 Spring St NY NY 1991-1999

Holland, after September 11, 2001:  1 million tulip bulbs planted along public street to
cheer us up

Karen and Karla Bausman

Rush and June

The Ryder Beach Gang, Truro, Mass

Mrs Lane and her waffles and home movies

Mr Yakimowich and his snowblower