Peace Everywhere
2018 (voto tokens made 2012)
Stoneware, glass, led lighting
15" h x 11" w x 6" d

Raku fired stoneware, fused window and wire window glass, irridescent glass nuggets, led wiring.

Containes the following ex-voto prayers regarding Peace Everywhere:

Tolerance and compromise are essential

How is this possible if family members can't get along

War is a viscious cycle of greed and revenge exacting death & suffering upon mainly innocent populations

Yo Christian conservatives and ultra liberals it's the

UNITED states of America

80 shot dead Norwegian youth camp

Shooting Toulouse France

London Subway Bombings

Shooting of Gabby Giffords, Tuscon, Az, 6 dead 14


2007 Virginia Tech Shootings, 33 dead, 25 wounded

2008 Mumbai Hotel Attacks, 164 Dead, 308 wounded

US soldier kills 17 Afghan Civilians, 9 childred, 8


2004 School hostage crisis, Beslan, Russia, 385 dead 783 wounded