A Sharp Mind
In process; begun 2012
Ceramic, Glass, metal, fabric, wireless color mix led lighting
Approx 18" h x 13" w x 6" d
Multi fire earthenware and stoneware, fabric and metal tassel; glass, wireless color mix led lighting

Who doesn't want A Sharp Mind? Attention span and memory capacity are shrinking as multi tasking and interactive technology are mandatory. In an era of fake news and rejection of science who are going to be our sharp minds to bring us to a better future?

Prayers inscribed on ex voto tokens:
Barack Obama;
Temple Grandin;
Jaren Lanier, You are Not a Gadget;
Alice Waters, Mother of the locavore movement;
J K Rowling;
Colin Beavan, No Impact Man;
Steve Jobs;
P D James, Writer;
Janet Evanovich, Writer;
Stephen Hawking, Theoretical physicist, cosmologist;
Harriet McBryde Johnson, Disability activist;
Dementia sufferers and their families;