The Rage series would be last of the Pandemic Art as they would the most technical and also the most psychically burdensome. I had issues to work out within myself as well as technical and engineering. Covid Nation and 6/1/20; A Sorrowful Mystery are spiritually based and creating them was an act of personal atonement for these situations, which I felt could have been avoided, or at least minimized or better controlled.

I made ground rules:

1. Use only what is in the studio. I had spent years stocking it now was the time to use what I had.

2. Make only 1 and only 1 attempt at each piece. That would keep me on my toes and make each piece as if I meant it.

3. If a piece broke or altered along the way, that was it, no do-overs, it was finished.

During their creation I prayed for the people in the images and inscriptions. I asked God for forgiveness for the situations. I asked for clarity and a removal of the rage, hatred and desire for vengeance that the circumstances described in each created within me, that was corroding my soul from the inside and affecting my physical health and ability to reason. Making them gave me nightmares and tendonitis, it was a painful process spiritually, mentally and physically. I cannot tell you if the creation of these sculptures brought me peace, or solved any problems, but at least in putting their lids on I symbolically let go of my rage, hatred and thirst for vengeance so I could proceed to heal and work towards being part of the solution rather than the problem.