The box of scavenged debris that arrived on my doorstep was filled with delights that allowed me to spread my wings and fly in new directions.  I was able to combine many of the items without the use of the kiln to create sculptures reminiscent of the Park's history, in particular the stable which once housed horses and farm equipment.  I especially enjoyed working with the burned yucca leaves which on their own were quite beautiful and striking.  They were a great vehicle for the story telling that each piece engenders.

Subsequent to the show and sale, "Patched Work" came back to me.  It had gotten broken during a move and I took a stab at repairing it for its owner.  Working with an image of the original piece I managed to refire it in a way which not only reproduced the piece almost exactly, but made it stronger than before. 

During the time it took to repair it my studio experienced an earthquake and some flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene.  Since the piece had experienced two round trip coast to coast flights, an earthquake and hurricane and was returned to its owner in better shape than before, it was renamed "Patience and Fortitude."

Glass, organic matter, acrylic paint
left: : 4.25”h x 2.75”w x 2.75”d, Right: 4”h x 2.75”w x 2.75”d
Salvaged broken bottles and yucca leaves with acrylic paint accents.
Scribble Stick
Wood, metal
3”h x 15”w x 3”d
Burned wood and coiled metal.
Camp Fired
Glass, metal
3.75” h x 13”w x 12”d (irregular)
Fused glass and chicken wire with found glass accents.
Head Dress
Organic matter, metal
5” h x 8” w x 6” d
Horse shoe, yucca leaves, nails, wire.
Patched Work/Patience and Fortitude
2010 & 2011
Glass, metal
15”h x 2.5” w x 12” d
Fused glass and metal with Murano and found glass accents.
Harvest of Sorrows
Metal, organic matter
15” h x 16”w x 6”d (irregular)
Metal wire, metal screen, drain cover, wood and yucca leaves.
Iron Weed
Glass, metal
10" diameter
Fused glass and metal with Murano glass accents