I spend alot of time contemplating the universe in all its manifestations. I use earth, water and fire to create macrocosmic and microcosmic worlds and invite my viewers to use these objects to contemplate the infinity of deep space as well as the fluidity of the vast oceans and the universes both contain.

A constant source of inspiration is Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel wherein I learned that all structures found in nature, engineering and architecture can be traced to the structures of single cell organisms.

Much of my work involves capturing a moment in infinite time and space. The vastness, power and might of the ocean which moves with ceaseless fluidity easily translates into glass. Incorporations of objects such as Murano glass, metal, and coral further assist in my acquatic representations. In my art making for the Art from the ashes project, I was given a shattered wire glass window from a factory which was destroyed by fire in 2008. I discovered that it made the perfect medium in my reflections of marine life trapped within the confines of glass and wire netting.